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About Us supplies Ireland and the Uk with its extensive range of first aid kits. We have first aid kits for sports, industries, travelling, restaurants and all other types of business. We are set up to sell the highest quality first aid kits and first aid products. We also have a procurement service for any other requirements that you may have for your first aid requirements. offer a high level of customer service from all of our team. We have excellent product knowledge on our range and are always happy to assist with queries. View a sample of our range below.

HSA First Aid Kits - Work Medic First Aid Kits - Refills for First Aid Kits - Burns First Aid Kits - Fire Safety

Address: Unit 6/7, Block 4, Ashbourne Business Park, Ashbourne, Co Meath 

Opening Hours

Mon – Thurs: 8am – 6pm

Fri : 8am – 5.30pm