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Dressings and Bandages

Dressings and Bandages

Bandages and dressings are both used in wound management and are essential in maintaining an up to date, fully stocked first aid kit. Our quality products are used extensively in hospital and ambulance supplies, and are ideal for workplace, home, school and sports first aid kits. Our extensive range includes adhesive, non adhesive, low adherent, sterile dressings, ambulance dressings, eye pad dressings, finger dressings and blister dressings


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  1. Hypafix 5cm x 10m
    Hypafix 5cm x 10m
  2. Adaptic Dressings
    Adaptic Dressing
  3. Hypafix
    Hypafix Fabric Fixation Dressing Tape
  4. Tubular Gauze Bandage - 20m
    Tubular Gauze Bandage - 20m Pre-Order
  5. Tubular Bandage Applicators
    Tubular Bandage Applicator
  6. Non Woven Swabs
    Non Woven Swabs (100)
  7. 20m Tubular bandages
    20m Viscose Tubular Bandage - Non Sterile
  8. Miami J
    Miami J Cervical Collar
  9. TG Stockinette Tubular Bandage
    TG Stockinette Tubular Bandage
  10. Mepilex Border Dressing (10)
    Mepilex Border Dressing (10)

Showing 1-15 of 53