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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At, we stock a wide range of health and safety equipment for the workplace and the home.  Our range includes fire safety equipment. health and safety signs and mobility aids.  

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  1. Automatic Loading Stretcher
    Automatic Loading Stretcher
  2. Multiposition Automatic Stretcher
    Multiposition Automatic Stretcher
  3. Basket Stretcher
    Basket Stretcher
  4. Spinal Immobilizer Type A
    Spinal Immobilizer Type A
  5. Spinal Immobilizer Type B
    Spinal Immobilizer Type B
  6. Semirigid Splint Kit
    Semirigid Splint Kit
  7. Aluminium Splints (12)
    Aluminium Splints (12)
  8. First Aid Room Sign
    First Aid Room Sign Pre-Order
  9. First Aid Box Sign
    First Aid Box Sign
  10. Eye Wash Sign
    Eye Wash Sign
  11. Your First Aiders Are Sign
    Your First Aiders Are Sign Pre-Order
  12. /
    First Aid Is Available From Sign Pre-Order
  13. Emergency Shower Sign
    Emergency Shower Sign Pre-Order
  14. No Exit Sign
    No Exit Sign Pre-Order
  15. Black Rubber Torch
    Black Rubber Torch 2AA

Showing 1-15 of 57