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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At, we stock a wide range of health and safety equipment for the workplace and the home.  Our range includes fire safety equipment. health and safety signs and mobility aids.  

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  1. Automatic Loading Stretcher
    Automatic Loading Stretcher
  2. Multiposition Automatic Stretcher
    Multiposition Automatic Stretcher
  3. Basket Stretcher
    Basket Stretcher
  4. Spinal Immobilizer Type A
    Spinal Immobilizer Type A
  5. Spinal Immobilizer Type B
    Spinal Immobilizer Type B
  6. Semirigid Splint Kit
    Semirigid Splint Kit
  7. Aluminium Finger Splints
    Aluminium Splints (12)
  8. First Aid Box Sign
    First Aid Box Sign
  9. Eye Wash Sign
    Eye Wash Sign
  10. Black Rubber Torch
    Black Rubber Torch 2AA

Showing 1-15 of 58