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Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer

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  • The most advanced thermometers in the world, the thermofocus read infrared radiations from the surface of the skin to calculate accurately the core body temperature
  • The thermofocus offers 3 buttons - for the family or the private doctor who require maximum accuracy and flexibility of the temperature taking. A home button to allow the user to read the ambient temperature and the one of other areas of the skin, as well as the temperature of objects and liquids within a range from 1° to 55° C (33.8 to 131° F).
  • Provided with the exlusive Manual Quick Calibration System (MQCS) technology to quickly stabilize the device if moved between rooms with the different temperatures.
  • Temperature measurements include - Body temp, Food, Bathwater, Rooms or bottles

Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer  | Medguard Professional Healthcare

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  • Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer  | Medguard Professional Healthcare
  • Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer  | Medguard Professional Healthcare
  • Details

    • Thermofocus Thermometer is the perfect addition to your medicine cabinet, providing a quick, easy to use way to check for fevers and the early onset of more serious medical problems.
    • Features
    Fast - Thermometer reading in 1 second Easy to Use - One button operation Large LCD - Improves visibility
    Clinically Accurate - Meets or exceeds strict ASTM and CE accuracy requirements Power Saver - Converts to room temperature reading after 20 seconds Measures Surface Temperature (baby's bottle, bath water, etc.) as well as Ambient room temperature
    No disposable probe covers required Compact - Fits in purse, pocket or First Aid Kit Instructional DVD Included
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